Boozy Moo: Ice Cream with a Twist

Winter in New York can often feel hotter than the summer months. Hear me out! I mean, how many times have you walked into a Christmas party in your holiday sweater and cursed yourself for not wearing a tank top underneath? The heat is blasting, the dance floor is packed, and all you’re yearning for is solace from the sweat without stepping back outside into the sleet. Well, Boozy Moo! has got you covered. This Albany based, female owned ice cream brand is special- and not just because there are over 40 flavors. Boozy Moo! contains, you guessed it, booze. Every good party needs something delicious to drink and something yummy to snack on, so why not get a 2-4-1 at your next private event? 

Boozy Moo! Mooooves in style

Worried about an eye sore in the corner of your perfectly decorated party? Well, don’t have a cow! Boozy Moo! rolls into the function in style. For your more intimate parties, Boozy Moo! provides an adorable old fashioned ice cream cart complete with modern amenities and room for six flavors, 75 servings, and an expert scooper. If your party is on the larger side, don’t fret. Boozy Moo! has a sleek boozy mobile that can hold up to eight flavors and over 150 servings. Who doesn’t want a food truck just for ice cream? And that’s not all they offer: milk shakes, ice cream cakes, holiday pies, cookies, cones, and all the toppings. Boozy Moo! Truly is a one stop shop (cart!?) with all of your alcoholic and sweet treat needs. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Mom Jeans 

No, not the pants. Mom jeans- a raspberry and pinot noir wine ice cream- is just one of Boozy Moo’s hand crafted flavors. This fan favorite option also happens to be vegan and gluten free! If you’re looking for something a bit more decadent, we recommend Dublin Double Chocolate spiked with Guinness Stout and Jameson whiskey. Or you could go with one of our seasonal faves, Loca Mocha Peppermint, which is a chocolate ice cream with coffee vodka, mocha liqueur, chocolate liquor, peppermint schnapps and peppermint pieces. And don’t worry, Boozy Moo! didn’t forget about the kids or sober friends in your life. They have a few classic non-alcoholic ice creams to choose from as well. You can never go wrong with tried and true cookies & cream in a cone! 

Ice cream for every occasion

Alcohol and ice cream never go out of style. Even as the temperatures drop, there’s nothing better than an ice cream party. If you’re looking for catering for your next company Christmas party, look no further! Need to warm up enough to talk to your boss without losing your cool? No one wants to take tequila shots with their CEO, so why not enjoy a scoop of Twisted Peppermint instead? Looking to get lit on New Years Eve with your friends? There’s nothing more fun than sharing alcohol infused ice cream with the ones you love while ringing in the new year. If you’re bored of the tired ice luges and shot-skis, Boozy Moo! will be your perfect addition to any holiday party.

If we still haven’t convinced you, stop by The Yard and try Boozy Moo! yourself. Their brick & mortar location (which doubles as the coolest axe throwing bar in the Capital Region) has every flavor you could want and more. So why not enjoy a scoop by the fire at The Yard? We truly can’t think of a better moove for your Friday night! 


Written by Teddi Shaffer

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