You must be 21+ years of age to purchase Boozy Moo! For pre-orders, you will be required to enter your date of birth. If you have requested delivery, the recipient must present a valid state-issued i.d. to our delivery person at the door.

Ice Cream*

(All ice cream contains dairy and/or eggs unless otherwise noted.)

Featured Flavors (We carry these flavors each week.):

Dublin Double Chocolate – Chocolate, flaked chocolate, Guinness Stout, and Jameson whiskey flavoring.

Kentucky Butter Pecan – Butter pecan with blended bourbon flavoring and candied pecans.

Naughty Little Tart – Sweet cherry balanced with Wild Little Thing sour beer. (Egg free.)

Samurai Futaba – Fresh ginger, candied ginger, and Japanese whiskey flavoring. (Egg free.)

St. Cooper Strawberry – Strawberry with elderflower, and gin flavoring. (Egg free.)

Mint Chip Julep (SOLD OUT) – Mint ice cream with flaked chocolate, and Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon flavoring.

Not So Vanilla – Vanilla ice cream with blackberry swirl and Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat beer.

Special Edition Flavors (These flavors are in either in limited supply and/or limited availability.):

Brazilian Coco-mango (NEW) – Coconut milk, sage, real mangos, and flavored with cachaça. Vegan friendly! 

Conquistador Chocolate – Dark chocolate, gently spiced with cayenne pepper, and reposado tequila flavoring.


Vegan Friendly

Patrónapple (SOLD OUT) – Pineapple and tequila flavoring.

Razzpinot – Raspberries and pinot noir wine.

Rhuberry – Blueberries, rhubarb, cardamom spice, and Nine Pine Blueberry cider.

Strawberry Blush – Strawberries and rosé wine.


Dine-In/Walk-In Pricing

Sizes (dish/plain cone):  

1 scoop (4 oz.) - $6        

2 scoops (8 oz.) - $9      

3 scoops (12 oz.) - $12   

Pint (16 oz) to go - $14

Specialty Cones:            

Gluten Free Cake or Sugar - $.50            

Waffle Cone or Dish - $1.00

Syrup Shots (1 oz):        

Knob Creek Bourbon Caramel, Jameson Chocolate Sauce - $1.00

Pre-Order Pricing (applicable to orders placed online for take-out or delivery)

  • 8 oz sampler packs (minimum of 2 per order) - $6/each pre-order price
  • 16 oz. pint - $12/each pre-order price

Delivery is available within 5 miles of downtown Albany. We add a convenience fee of $2.00 for delivery.