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Imagine 2 of life’s greatest creations having a baby, THAT’s Boozy Moo –  Ice cream flavored with premium alcohol. Small batch, craft ice cream made weekly in house. So, if you’re literally ready to chill out, choose your adventure…

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Our premium hand-made alcohol-infused ice cream is the perfect compliment to any celebration or event.

Have a favorite cocktail? Want something Special?

We will gladly work with you to develop a truly unique and memorable ice cream flavor for your special occasion or event.

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A lady never discusses her brainfreeze…

Woman Owned

Local Business

Passion Project

Hatchet house owner

Creative concoction creator

Safe to say owner Leyla Kiosse is a creative powerhouse. Her story began with the opening of The Yard – Hatchet House & Bar in Albany, NY in early 2020. The first venue of its kind in Albany, New York, The Yard brought summertime fun indoors year round with axe throwing, lawn games, themed greenhouse party rooms, and a full bar with craft cocktails. When the pandemic shuttered doors for everyone, Leyla took the booze off her shelves and experimented with booze-infused ice cream. Like a mad scientist, the result was brilliant! See for yourself.

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Never underestimate the power of ice-cream and booze!

Boozy Moo! is a line of hand-crafted, small-batch ice creams and sorbets, all of which are infused with alcohol as a distinctive flavoring. It’s the best of two marvelous worlds; delicious ice cream creations with a little bit of cocktail thrown in.

Our mad scientist Leyla is the brains behind the operation, and she designs our flavors like a master bartender puts together a drink. There’s lots of tinkering and thinking of what flavor profiles work with one another. On top of that, we’re always thinking of new and interesting ways to entice our fans with homemade syrups, infusions and sauces.

Divine inspiration! Naming our flavors (and taste testing!) is the best part of our work, and when the perfect name comes to us, it’s usually got some pop culture reference or funny tag line that gives our customers some insight into what they’re about to taste.

Pursuant to NY law, the maximum amount of alcohol in our ice cream is 5% by volume. But many of our flavors don’t even go that high. The point of the alcohol infusion for us is to design unique and distinctive flavor profiles, not to get people turnt.

While all of our most popular flavors – like Kentucky Butter Pecan, Mint Chip Julep and Dublin Double Chocolate – are permanent fixtures on our menu, we introduce new flavors with the change in seasons or coming holidays.

Absolutely! We are happy to collaborate with our fans on a special flavor for a party or to celebrate a special occasion.

With BoozyMoo!

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So your night’s about to get a lot cooler and frankly we get shivers just thinking about it! You’re ready to indulge and we’re here for it – pop open a few of these date night cards to elevate your date night experience. Then, tell us about it on Instagram!
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